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5 dishes to cure anemia from the liver to help you recover

 The liver contains a lot of iron and trace minerals that have an effective blood tonic effect. In this article, I will introduce to you 5 foods to treat anemia from the liver to help you recover quickly.

1. Strawberry-leaf chicken liver soup – a mouth-watering dish to cure anemia

Of all the types of liver, chicken liver is considered the healthiest. They contain a lot of vitamin B12, which is good for anemia, prevents memory loss, strengthens the immune system, and increases energy.

Mulberry leaf is a familiar medicine in traditional medicine with the ability to tonic blood, treat headaches, colds, dry coughs. These two ingredients combine to create a nutritious dish that helps you replenish the blood needed for your body.

Ingredients to be prepared

  • 100g chicken liver
  • 50g young mulberry leaves

How to make strawberry chicken liver soup

  • Cut chicken liver into bite-sized pieces and marinate with spices.
  • Put the chicken liver in a pot of water to cook the soup.
  • When the chicken liver is just cooked, add the mulberry leaves and bring to a boil.
  • Season to taste and can be used immediately.

2. Pork liver porridge cooked with green beans

Pork liver contains a lot of iron, vitamins A, B, D, nicotinic and folic acid which are essential nutrients for the body. Combining pork liver with green beans - sweet, cool, heat-clearing, detoxifying, regulating internal organs, reducing pain and swelling - you will have an extremely nutritious green bean pork liver porridge.

Ingredients to be prepared

  • 100g pork liver
  • 60g green beans
  • 100g rice

How to prepare pork liver porridge with green beans

  • Cook porridge with 100g rice and 60g green beans.
  • Cut pork liver into bite-sized pieces and marinate with spices.
  • When the porridge is cooked, add the pork liver.
  • Pork liver just cooked, seasoning can be used immediately.

3. Red apple stewed pork liver

Treatment of anemia, night blindness, cold abdominal pain, diarrhea, ... are the typical uses of pig liver. Meanwhile, red apple is a familiar "panacea" of Eastern medicine, capable of tonic gas and blood effectively.

Therefore, the dish of pork liver with red apple is a harmony of both nutrition and yin and yang for those who are in need of blood replenishment.

Ingredients to be prepared

  • 60g pork liver
  • 10 red apples
  • 20g mashed potato

How to cook red apple stewed pork liver

  • Wash pork liver, cut into bite-sized pieces and marinate with spices.
  • Put pork liver, red apple, and grated potato in a crock pot, season with spices and then steam for 3 hours.
  • This dish can be eaten on an empty stomach or eaten with rice.

4. Tomato Chicken Liver Soup

This is a suitable dish for people who are dizzy or dizzy due to anemia. Chicken liver contains a lot of iron, vitamin B12 combined with tomatoes rich in vitamins A, C, K, B6 will bring you a nutritious dish as expected.

Ingredients to be prepared

  • 200g chicken liver
  • 200g tomatoes
  • 12 branches of wood ear

How to make tomato chicken liver soup

  • Wash chicken liver, tomatoes and cut into bite-sized pieces.
  • Boil chicken liver, wood ear, tomato with spices: pepper, monosodium glutamate, little oil.
  • When the chicken liver is just cooked, scoop it out into a bowl and serve with rice.

5. Goji berry pork liver soup with chicken eggs

Goji berries may seem like a strange name, but if you've ever used traditional Chinese medicine stews, you'll know them right away.

This is an average herbal medicine, effective for nourishing the body, especially good for elderly people with weakened health. Combining goji berries in your soup, you will get a dish that is both delicious and nutritious.

Ingredients to be prepared

  • 100g pork liver
  • 20g goji berries
  • 1 chicken egg
  • Ginger

How to make chicken egg and pork liver soup

  • Wash pork liver and cut into bite-sized pieces.
  • Boil water, add some fresh ginger and salt first, then add the goji berries to boil.
  • 10 minutes later add pork liver to the pot.
  • When the ingredients are cooked, the water boils, put the eggs in the soup and scoop it out and use it right away.

Some notes when cooking dishes to treat anemia from the liver

  • Liver has a high iron content, so do not eat at the same time with acidic substances such as spinach, amaranth, fresh bamboo shoots, strong tea, bean sprouts, etc.
  • Limit cooking liver with alcohol, pepper, chili, oil because they are not good for people with anemia.
  • Do not eat pork liver too much because they have a very high cholesterol content, which can cause diseases such as atherosclerosis and worsen heart disease.
  • People with high blood pressure or coronary artery disease should limit eating pork liver.
  • Buy clean liver and soak it in salt water for 10 minutes before processing to remove waste and disease-causing parasites.

Liver is an easy-to-find material and is extremely good for people who are anemic. 5 dishes to treat anemia from the liver that are suggested above will hopefully be useful for your health and those around you.

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