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7 “Secret Techniques” to Help You Conquer the Run During Summer

Sometimes practicing forever in good weather will also make many people bored and want to conquer themselves more. But there are also people who love jogging but really hate the hot weather, but what about in the summer? Here are some highlights that can help you practice even in the most extreme weather conditions.

What to wear when running?!

Dark clothes often catch heat quite a lot, so choose for yourself bright, cool colors, light and airy materials. Wear as few layers as possible. But don’t confuse “wearing less” with “not wearing”, because if you expose your skin to direct sunlight, your body temperature will rise faster.

In addition, should be equipped with a hat with a brim to cover the front and back of the neck; Sunglasses help reduce glare. Use more skin care products: sunscreen because sunlight can directly affect the skin: melasma. freckles, dermatitis, etc. Apply sunscreen 20 minutes before you start running.

Choose the right time to run

High temperature is something that the body can completely adapt to, it’s just that we are avoiding it, so the body has not yet formed a habit to adapt to them. But not all temperatures are good and adaptable. According to the American Running Club, temperatures above 32 degrees Celsius are enough to increase the risk of heat stroke. Melanie Kann, New York Running Club coach and long-distance runner, says the problem isn’t just temperature. “You also have to keep an eye on humidity and consider all the aspects that heat will have on your body,” she warns. Because the body uses water vapor (in this case, sweat) to regulate its temperature, it’s a good idea to check the heat index or wet bulb temperature before running. Also, consider running on an indoor treadmill if the temperature is higher than 32 degrees Celsius.

Maybe you care:

You should run at the coolest time of the day, which is in the morning. But you should also check the weather forecast and choose the most suitable time for you. Even the hottest times of the year, before dawn is quite pleasant.

Water is a very important friend at this time

It’s hot and sunny, which means you will lose a lot of water in your body like sweat. Drink water regularly, even if you are not too thirsty (about 150-200 ml every 20 minutes). Add more salt to prevent the body from losing electrolyte balance.

Adjust training mode

Traveling long distances will adapt quickly, will increase your health, will increase endurance – these are true but apply in good weather conditions.

If it is a harsh time, frequent hot sun, you should readjust your exercise regimen, you should only practice 3 days a week, that is more than enough for your body to adapt to the weather. . If you want to exercise more, please go to the gym and work out on the treadmill, but it’s best not to “oppress” your legs too much.

On days when the temperature and humidity are high, you can replace jogging with other physical exercises: cycling, swimming, indoor gym, etc.

Running on grass and earth

Asphalt and concrete roads have heat-retaining properties. Your feet will heat up quickly and you will feel tired quickly. Running on grass or ground causes the body to lose more heat. When running, choose the roads with the shade of trees or tall buildings. Who wants to run, sunbathe and sweat at the same time?

Slow but sure!

Listen to your body more! Don’t force your body to obey certain goals and distances – especially in hot weather. Because every time the temperature increases, your speed will be reduced gradually, if you keep trying, it will cause unnecessary injuries.


Normally, the body needs at least 2 weeks to be able to adapt to climate change. So it’s best to keep practicing even if it’s small exercises. At the beginning should start slowly and gently, depending on the ability of each person, but gradually increase according to time and weather conditions. Our body also needs time to get used to the regulation of heart rate, the way to excrete sweat.

The sultry days seem to be difficult! With these tips you can easily conquer what you want. No matter what, follow your feelings first!


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